Mattress Buying Tips

Check your current mattress

Give your present mattress set a thorough check – look at the age, condition, support, resiliency, and appearance. Think about size – an old-fashioned double bed provides the same amount of space per person as a baby crib — bigger is better. Buy a set, not just the mattress – a mattress and its foundation are designed to work best together. Don’t try to comparison shop by model names – it’s very tough to find the same model names from store to store; get the mattress’ comfort and support specifications and comparison shop with those.
Spend as much as you can afford – shop for the best value, not the lowest price.

Proper Support

Support is how well the mattress provides positive resistance to each person’s body weight. Classic Sleep Products sleep systems offer correct back support regardless of firmness. This is the goal of our company, to provide the most technologically superior sleep systems available.

The myth “firmer is better” is not necessarily true

A mattress that’s too firm will not support all parts of the body evenly. It tends to support only at the body’s heaviest parts, the shoulders and hips. The increased pressure on these points reduces blood circulation and will cause tossing and turning. This may result in a poor night’s sleep and a far less productive day. A mattress that’s too soft will not keep the spine in proper alignment. This will cause muscles to work through the night at straightening the spine, again leaving one tired and aching in the morning resulting in a less effective day.

Support is a function of the core of the mattress. The core is located in the center of the mattress. The type of support it provides depends on its configuration and design of the mattress. Our mattresses utilize highly specialized foams such as Visco elastic and latex to provide the very best in support.


No doubt you want a sleep system that is going to last; therefore, durability is very important.The type of materials used in the upholstery and the type of foam and design of the mattress impact the durability of the mattress. Our foams have all been rigorously tested for long term durability. We utilize mattress covers that are made of all natural fibers such as cotton and we fill them with natural fibers such as Joma wool from New Zealand. These materials are all designed with your comfort in mind and designed for long lasting durability.

The purpose of the foundation is to extend the life of the sleep system. It absorbs the major portion of stress and weight placed on the sleep surface. It works much like a “shock absorber” in a car’s suspension to eliminate stress in the mattress unit and prolong the mattress comfort life. A worn-out foundation can shorten the life of a mattress up to 50%. Using no foundation with your mattress can also shorten the life of a mattress. A properly designed foundation provides strong support along with some flex.


Comfort, how the mattress feels, is a matter of personal preference. What feels comfortable to one person may feel uncomfortable to another person.
Surface comfort is determined by the mattress cover and its fill of the bed. Upholstery refers to the various layers of material between your body and the foams. Both the type and thickness of these materials will produce different levels of feel and therefore different degrees of comfort.
All of our mattresses are designed to offer the ultimate in comfort and support. Feel confident in whichever one you choose will offer the same amount of comfort and support.