About Reticulated Memory Foam

What is Reticulated Foam?

Reticulated Foam mattresses use Reticulated Foam that provides positive ventilation of the surface while providing a “heat sink” to draw away excess body heat. The contour cut layers of foam offer a supportive mattress with increased durability.

How does Reticulated Foam work?

The reticulated foam layer with it’s open cell structure provides a means for body heat to flow away from the surface. This in turn creates a more comfortable sleep surface on which there is no accumulation of body heat, hence very minimal perspiration and body moisture. The visco-gel provide a heat sink and the gel particles dispersed throughout the layer of foam tend to draw heat in and disperse it evenly through the entire structure of the layer. The base layer of PUR foam serves as the major support structure and can be varied in the degree of support desired by the densities and ILD’s. The base and heat dispersing layers are contour sculptured to provide gentle, effective support.

What are the benefits of a reticulated foam mattress?

Other foam mattresses available in the marketplace may offer some of the features of reticulated foam, however none provide the unique combination of layers found in the reticulated foam mattresses. The reticulated foam system is an improvement in a number of ways starting with the fact that it creates a much cooler mattress surface, and sub-surface. It further eliminates the majority of potential body moisture problems that create dampened bedding. Finally due to its scalloped contour layers it offers a far higher degree of support and comfort.